If you are a service provider wanting to refer a client for CTSS, please complete our external referral form and send via fax along with a signed Release of Information. Please download the external referral form below or you can request an external referral form by contacting our main office at 507-345-7012 or emailing [email protected]

Five Rivers MHC CTSS External Referral Form

Children's Therapeutic Services and Supports (CTSS)

CTSS provides a therapeutic approach to intervention when a child or adolescent experiences an impairment in functioning as a result of a mental health or emotional difficulty. CTSS services are time-limited and are delivered using a combination of services designed to reach the goals outlined in an individualized treatment plan (ITP). 

Issues addressed through CTSS may include:
  • Behavior management
  • Implementing structure
  • Improving parent-child relationships
  • Adjusting to recent life changes
  • Anxiety management
  • Improved social behavior
  • Conflict resolution
  • Problem solving
CTSS Eligibility

These services are designed to be community-based support for children and adolescents with mental illness who are on Medical Assistance or PMAP insurance. 

Anyone working with the child or adolescent can refer for CTSS, such as: parents, case workers, teachers, therapists, or doctors.

To be eligible for CTSS, the child or adolescent must be:
  • Have a primary diagnosis of an emotional disturbance (ED) for children and adolescents under 18 or mental illness (MI) for young adults 18-20
  • In need of rehabilitative mental health services to address their mental health needs, as documented in their diagnostic assessment
Services Provided

Children’s Therapeutic Services and Supports are available to children and adolescents in need of skills training and therapy. CTSS services assist in increasing social and emotional functioning that has been delayed or impaired. Skills training consists of a variety of activities associated with the individual’s daily living skills. CTSS services can be provided in the child’s home, school, or in a community setting. Skills training is primarily provided by mental health practitioners. Mental health professionals also provide CTSS Services as part of an individual’s treatment plan.  

Components of CTSS include:
  • Skills Training: Rehabilitation through teaching, practice, and mastery of specific skills impaired by mental health difficulties. This includes ways to monitor, cope, and counteract problems (self-monitoring, problem-solving, relaxation, and activity scheduling)
  • Psychotherapy: Exploration of thoughts and emotions and how they impact individual and family functioning. Examination of how emotions impact behaviors.
  • Crisis Assistance: Developing arrangements for direct intervention and support services and/or referral to more appropriate resources and assistance. Recognizing factor precipitating a mental health crisis and how to utilize that knowledge to decrease the likelihood and/or intensity of another crisis in the future.